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About Me & DIY Homestead

Nobody likes a long length background so I’ll keep this short!

I did construction in vocational during high school. Once I graduated I was a sub contractor for a few years until I decided it was time for a change.

From there I went on to a technical school to get my Associates Degree in computer science. During that time I worked for a local ISP (internet service provider) until the company folded.

Since then I’ve been working for a local web hosting company and I’m a PHP programmer who also does SEO (search engine optimization) as well as some design work as needed.

The Creation of DIY Homestead

This site was created in June 2022 for a few reasons. My wife and I bought our home in May 2021; moving from the condo we owned for 20 years. Our house is on 4 acres of property and there’s no shortage of work to be done around here.

I started this site to share my experiences of things I’ve learned, be it with woodworking, blacksmithing, gardening, etc.

I’m not a professional, and while my years of carpentry experience help me, there’s a lot that I’ve forgotten. Every project I take on I research to make sure I’m doing it properly and whatever I build will last many years.

I’m going to make mistakes and I’ll share those as well since there’s far more to be learned with failure than success.

Ultimately, the goal of this site is to help you, the fellow home owner, build things you didn’t think you could by making easy and approachable content.